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Private 5G turnkey solution for enterprise



Secure and private networks are the foundation for digitalisation and automation.

We empower you to run an exclusive, efficient and predictable private 5G network based on cost-efficient pricing models.

Our end-to-end solution includes all components to set up a private 5G network within minutes.


A simple and convinient mangement plattform for fast and flexible private 5G networks on any size. Self-sufficient orchestration of all essential 5G elements.

  • 5G Controller:
    managing the network functions

  • 5G Access Points:
    bridging wired and wireless networks

  • SIM Cards:
    the key to your exclusive and secure wirelss network

Access Points

5G Small Cells for indoor and outdoor scenarios in an infinite range of use cases.

  • Ethernet backhaul:
    easy to integrate into any enterprise infrastructure

  • IP65 certification:
    usable in challening environments

  • Utilize worldwide:
    one hardware covering bands n77/n78 and n48 (CBRS)

5G Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)

Integrates any device into a private 5G network.

  • easy installation:
    plug & play by USB-C support

  • unlimited usage:
    major operating systems and all private 5G bands in one device

  • IP54 certification:
    use it anywhere

SIM Cards

Physical SIM Cards (UICC) the key to your exclusive and secure private 5G network.

  • self-controlled:
    create and administrate your own SIM Cards

  • any size:
    pre-cut up to Nano-SIM (4FF)

Why goSmart?


Our solution simplifies private 5G at any stage. Guaranteed by our IT focused and intuitive user-interface.


The network’s scale aligns with your unique needs to meet the changing demands of your company.


Self-governed network operation and exclusive 5G usage on your campus safeguards against attacks and operational breakdown.


Focus on your systems and services,
not mobile radio networks.


Comprehensive integration into existing infrastructure.


Operates in every IT-landscape:
Data Center | Edge | Cloud | Fog

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